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Hello, World! A friend of mine noticed that the game in this video uses one of your low-poly pistol models without credit, I was wondering how you thought about it.

Thank you for your report, I will try to reach out the person who made that video and explain about the license of my assets.
All assets and license should be respect the terms otherwise may answer the law.


Hi Thank you for making these assets!

I used the Assult Rifle(Black), the Green Sniper, The first pistol and the black shotgun in my FPS zombie shooter game

Cool, mind if you share your work?

I deleted my files by mistake when I was cleaning my laptop  so I can't share my work sorry!


Thanks for making these!

I used the ammo boxes from this pack in my cyberpunk dungeon crawler that I made for the Dungeon Crawler games jam.

Thanks looks good

Could you add an SA80 (L85a1) Rifle please?

Patrons can recieve special packs and models ;D

Sounds good. If I subscribe as a patron, do you think it would be likely that I could get an SA80 (L85a1) rifle form you please?

Yep and receive other exclusive packs too, not to mention that you support me keep all most of the assets free :D


Thank you! Well that's awesome - in that case, I'll definitely subscribe as a patron next time I'm paid.

are these animated?

Nope, only Models

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Sure but you must give me credits:
Patreon page as credit (

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I want to use it in my game, can I use it? I will put names of all the people I used assets from, or should I pay you money

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Hi, yes you can use all my assets from my shop on anything, but u must give me credits (@Zsky_01).

I do like to see my assets on your game, if you want to share your game with me I will be glad ๐Ÿ˜Š

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Can I give you social credits ?

Sure ;D


+9999 social credit

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I just follow people who likes game dev and 3d models so I can share my work with them.

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Thank u for comment anyway ๐Ÿ˜

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